Time to learn career making technology during this pandemic

by OmneVersity April 28th, 2020 7 mins read

In times of coronavirus and social distancing, we all need to stay at home. Concerts are postponed, sporting events are cancelled, and tourist hotspots are shut down, so what’s there to do something productive while stuck indoors?

In a nutshell, if you are someone who aims to make the development of software easier than the traditional method of hard coding each and every line of a program or software, then the Low-Code will be the answer to your all questions. Yes, this approach minimizes hard coding through the use of prepackaged templates, graphic design techniques, and drag-and-drop tools to make your software ready to use.

Gartner first coined the term “Low-Code” in 2014, to denote platforms which had heavy GUI based development interfaces and one could do the work of traditional hard coding, without needing to explicitly know the programming language in itself.

Rather than hand-coding yet another user management system, dealing with the peculiarity of the latest programming framework, or writing ten tests before a single line of your app’s code, you can make the most use of this time by creating something new and valuable. So what if you learn Low-Code?

1. Broaden your Low-Code knowledge – It is a new approach to building unique business applications – fast. With the help of Low-Code development platform, you don’t code an application line-by-line, you draw it like a flowchart. This makes developing robust applications quick and intuitive. During this time of lockdown, you can learn more about this technology & its future benefits.

2. Practice your coding problems – You have more time than ever because of this outbreak. If you haven’t started learning Low-Code or you haven’t touched it from a very long then start your preparation from today, plan your schedule and don’t leave any blank spots on your calendar after the coronavirus blows over. You just need to have a computer with internet access, a warm place to sit, & you’re all set. This time make this outbreak an excuse to pay your attention to these coding challenges.

3. Choose the best Low-Code platform- Build the powerful applications you want without being limited by technology or losing control of your code. You can say goodbye to time-consuming tasks, and use your talent and experience to create great software. Utilize this time to build your apps with the Low-Code platform on a DevOps ready environment that gets your stuff in production with the click of a button, including automated mobile app packaging.

4. Online Low-Code training- Enroll now and get trained on fastest growing Low-Code Platform from highly trained professionals in India. With this badge of certified professionals you can easily find better opportunities to start your career without worrying for the future. OmneVersity’s industry experienced instructors will guide you through real-time software development projects with Low-Code & in providing successful professional career in the Low-Code.

We hope that the world will win the battle against the CoronaVirus very soon. Meanwhile, don’t let this disease become a barrier to your learning. Utilize your time and develop your skills as much as possible to put yourself in a position to do the maximum amount of good for your community in the future.


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