Importance of having an active digital profile for students

Importance of having an active digital profile for students

by OmneVersity December 30th, 2020 11 mins read

by OmneVersity
December 30th, 2020
11 mins read


In the present world we can clearly say that social media can help to make connections, build collaborations, and can give chance to exchange ideas as part of academic activities for candidates. But the tools we use for social media engagement and the purpose of the engagements done are individually defined and personal. Also, that can be defined by the value you are willing to derive and the time you want to invest in developing your professional learning network.

So it is said that a digital profile is must, especially for the freshers who are looking up to explore and learn extraordinary things from the internet and various social media channels. We can say a digital profile as the sum content about a person that can be composed of personal or professional information which can be shared on public websites.

As almost everyone has a smart-phone with them, we have at least one account in any of the social media channels. Social media can play a key role in every student’s life. As they use it extensively. While there is a perception that students don’t utilize the advantage of social media, it can be used for many benefits.

Before jumping into the benefits of social media, let us try to understand it better.

There are different types of social media where we can create our digital profile that exists :

  1. Social Networks: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn

  2. Blogs: Blogger, WordPress

  3. Micro-blogging: Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit

  4. Video Sharing: YouTube

Benefits of having a digital profile on social media channels.

  1. Networking while you learn
    Often we can find live videos being hosted specially for candidates on educational topics to engage in sessions. In this process of learning, students get a chance to interact with peers online and make friends thus help build a strong network.

  2. For sharing your thoughts
    Social media allows students to express their thoughts without any fear in many ways. They represent their thoughts and opinions by posting photos, blogs, individual articles, videos, audio clips, etc. This helps students to come out of the box and explore their talents.

  3. Social media marketing
    Using social media platforms, students can also promote their college festivals, annual functions, etc. It can get the attention of other college students and encourage them to participate in your annual college programs. Hence social media can be a big platform to influence other students too.

  4. Employment opportunities
    This benefit is more than the importance of having a digital profile. LinkedIn is one such social media channel which helps connect us to the HRs, business professionals, and our future employers. They update about their recent job openings and we get a direct chance to apply for it.

    Some more benefits can be:-

  5. Chance to participate in online group discussions, polls, giving feedback

  6. Leveling up your digital fluency

  7. Keeping informed about conferences, seminars, scholarships

Importance of having digital portfolio:-

  1. First impressions are important
    Future employers, HR connections are searching your name before your interview. If they find no basic information about you, then you’ve already wasted an opportunity to get interest from them.

  2. Digital profiles are an alternative to your resume
    Resumes are important, but you have to admit that applying for your jobs you have to build an interesting digital profile on professional social media channels; even if you have to just submit your resume.

  3. Your digital profile is your reflection
    It represents who you are, what you have done and you would like to do. It should be clear and interesting to read. Don’t forget to attach a photo!

  4. Your online profile is an opportunity to share your thoughts
    It is a platform where you get a chance to show both your strengths and weaknesses. You get to share your thoughts and opinions on different topics by micro blogging, sharing posts, etc. You should highlight these skills too, to stand out from other profiles.

  5. It is an asset to build your professional brand
    Adding basic information about your education is not enough to stand out from others. You need to share some of those great expertise and certificates you have achieved till now to come under the attention of your future employers.

Managing your digital reputation

Irrespective of the tools you use, it is essential at all times (whether you are an academic student or a working professional) to be conscious of your digital reputation.

You can start with research or talk with people of the same field on what you need to do to get your dream job one day. After that you can start rebuilding your resume time to time. And because future employers always intend to look you up online, it’s smart to build a good, outstanding, intentional digital profile. Remember, don’t make them leave confused and unclear about your personality, help them get an excellent picture of who you are and how you can be the best candidate for that job opportunity.

What are some action steps you can take now?

  • As you form a LinkedIn profile, build your online resume and keep updating it whenever you gain experience, a skill, a certification and serve in different ways around your community.

  • Be proactive and engaging: Post things that you want your future employer to see. Look for opportunities to do good (serve and support your community, mission trips), be creative and show off your skills (writing, photography, videography skills), use extracurricular activities for your advantage (always have the posture of learning and gaining a new skill), find what you’re good at and learn how to serve people with it.

  • Research often about local job postings and their requirements they are looking for in a candidate, This will help you know about latest skills and courses in demand so you can start along building your digital profile to accommodate.

  • Google yourself: You can also Google your full name and see what comes up and start managing your digital profile according to that. Which area or which section needs special attention to work on. Also, many times another person’s details might show up and that’s not good either, so be particular about posting information about you that will get you noticed in a positive way.

  • Don’t forget to do a digital clean: You can browse and delete your old posts, pictures, comments, etc which are making crowd and no more needed to stay on social media. Make sure that whichever activities are still present should be shown in a positive way.

As the digital transformation continues to grow in every sector, it will become equally important to have a professional digital portfolio for every student. The tools we have available now made it easy for us to create our digital presence on the internet which was not possible in the past.

At OmneVersity with careful analysis, we help students build their professional digital platforms and important connections. We believe that along with upgrading your skills, it’s equally important to reflect your thoughts, creativity and authentic lifelong learning to your peers and employers through your digital profile to get your best and deserving career opportunities.

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