10 step guide to effective job hunting

10 step guide to effective job hunting

by OmneVersity February 04th, 2021 11 mins read

by OmneVersity
February 04th, 2021
11 mins read


In today’s extremely volatile environment job search process has become the most complicated thing. Mainly the students who have completed their respective education recently, are facing lots of challenges. Since 2019, the unemployment numbers increased from 7-8% to 23% more due to the covid-19 outbreak.


In this uncertain situation how you will ensure that your process of job search will meet your goals to achieve success. This blog will help you to know the step by step guide for an effective job hunt. Searching for a job is tough but if it’s done in the right manner, it becomes easy. Below there some strategies which will help you to get an idea about the process to hunt for the right job.

1. Get noticed by your dream company

  • Presentation is the most basic thing you need to take care of both in-person and online in a polished and professional way.

  • Your resume is the most powerful tool. It speaks a lot about your skills and personality. Let the resume be your face to face Demeanor.

  • Social Media presence increases your chances to present yourself in the digital world.

  • Active presence in LinkedIn will help you to increase interaction with different individuals and get known.

2. Search for the right job respective to your skills

  • Analyzing the job listing carefully which includes collecting information about the company.

  • Details about the desired qualifications of applicants.

  • Studying the whole description of the role and understanding them.

3. Preparing for the interview

  • Practicing the interview starts with an understanding and reviewing the job description.

  • Analyze the interview questions carefully and spend more time thinking about the skills, accomplishments, and interview answers which will resonate with the interviewers most.

  • “What is your biggest weakness? This question is the mandatory one that is asked by every interviewer. Think about what you struggle about but you are improving on the same. For example- You are not good at public speaking but over the past years you are attending public meetings and giving speeches publicly has improved this weakness.

4. Use and build Your network

  • Most of the people get jobs through their own network. Build your connection strong, you never know which contact may help you to get your dream job.

  • Linkedin is a platform where you can build your connection and have access to job postings and advertisements for a particular job as per your preference.

  • Building a network has a very important part in improving your digital profile which includes social media marketing,sharing your thoughts and networking while learning.

  • Live videos which add educational benefits for students give chance to build a network and interact with many individuals online.

  • Often many individuals have fear to share their thoughts publicly but social media is a platform where you can share your thoughts with the help of posts, photos and many more which also help to build your network in the digital landscape.

  • Know more about the importance of having an active digital profile for students by this blog.

5. Planning for Rejection

  • Cultivating resilience is very much important because in today’s world you will hear more ‘‘no” than “yes”. Rejection is common nowadays, thus it’s very important to work on the skills.

  • Try to apply for those jobs which are relevant as per your skills, going far outside the skills set will increase the chance of rejection.

6. Gather Evidence

  • Before drafting the CV, it’s very important to list down your experiences and information about the abilities and skills you acquire.

  • All the experiences should be listed down unfiltered and raw, it should include every single experience of internships, projects, and achievements.

7. Experience, Ability, Personality- The three golden messages

  • Whenever someone recommends you, the three messages- experience, ability, and personality is the main information that is passed on.

  • The first three to four sentences of your CV should be in a scrutinized manner, Make sure it should be very positive and informative and describe your personality.

8. Market Test your CV

  • In the early stage of your job search, you should not send your CV widely, it’s better to talk to people and gather career ideas and information.

  • The opinion is more important than a summary. Ask them, what does your CV tell you about “what you can do next?” rather than asking, “what you think about my CV?”

9. Multi-Channel Approach

  • The organization which is not advertising has also chances to hire applicants. Make a direct approach to those organizations and build a relationship with the right recruitment agencies.

  • Employment agencies can play a vital role in this situation, share your experiences and information with them to get noticed by the company.

  • Doing an advanced online course in your interested field can improve your chances of getting a job

10. Get the feedbacks of your interview from your friends

  • Practice sessions of interviews are very important. Go to your friends and start practicing questions and answers with them.

  • The person who has interview experience is more likely to give you true feedback. Upbeat your answers to tricky questions about the gaps in your CV.

Summary-This blog has given you a guide that will help you to search for a job in a proper manner. Before you search for a job, it is also very important to upgrade your skills to stand out in the crowd. There are many trending skills and courses which will help you to be unique in the corporate world differentiate your personality from others. Omneversity is such a platform that provides different types of courses by industry-led experts with practical exposure, live projects and scholarship opportunities.

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